I love making Jewelry and sharing my skills.

Hello Jewelry Makers!! I'm so glad your here!  My goal is to create online course content you can enjoy from the privacy of you own home.  All you need is a computer, laptop or mobile device to plug into your own work space,  and turn on one of my tutorials. Each class has pre recorded video so you can work at your own pace during the time that each course is running.   We will make beautiful things together, and you can comment and ask questions.   Check out my student's work featured on my pinterest page https://www.pinterest.com/lesliekail/leslie-kail-villarreal-online-classes/

HEY!! what's the difference between free videos and online classes?  

My free videos are just for fun! Online classes are VERY detailed! It's like having me with you holding your hand teaching you everything you would learn if you were here in my studio with me!  When I offer a new online class, You purchase it, you'll get a password  which will allow you to view the class for several weeks (until the class end date), you post questions and I will  answer them for you!  You can watch the pre recorded videos any time you like in the comfort of your own home until the end of the course.

UNLIKE other online classes, I'll be available! You can leave questions in my class group page on Face Book, or you can email me (see my contact page) and i'll reply!  I'll make sure you can get all the materials you need to complete the course and be successful!   I'll share the skills required for the class in the course description too!.

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Take a look at the pieces my student are making in my classes:


Here a just a few student reviews..

I just wanted to say I love learning from and watching Leslie demo her techniques. Her classes teach so much more than she promises in her course descriptions. It's like being able to follow a master silversmith around in her studio for a few days. Well worth the $$ to be able to move my skills up to the next level with someone who really knows her stuff and knows how to pass her knowledge on to her students. Thank you for doing this, Leslie! ..Margaret  Lindquist

I have learned SO many new and useful things in Leslie's classes! While it is true that some require tool purchases etc to get the full benefit out to the classes, I feel the classes are extremely good value for $ spent! Her videos are just great...they are really just like being in the studio with her. The videos are split into segments and are very easy to refer back to during the time the class is running! Leslie teaches interesting things that can be so useful in all your work, and I feel my skills are growing so much since taking a couple of her classes! My confidence in soldering large pieces, bezels etc has really increased, and I have been introduced to materials and methods that are new to me! Unlike many online classes where it is a video and that's that, Leslie is always available in the private class only Facebook group to address any difficulties you may be having.....you are not just sending an email off into a black hole where someone may or may not answer you!

Her classes are very much like a studio run class......just like the teacher wouldn't run the class again for you personally after it is over, Leslie's videos are not available to you once the class has completed. Much like a studio class, you are expected to take notes which you can use should you need to in the future. The classes run for quite a long time, so even an overbooked person like me has time to complete the lessons without getting stressed!

I have taken quite a few online classes, and have gotten something out the most of them, but dollar to dollar, Leslie's classes have been the most valuable to me. I look forward to seeing what new classes she will run next!! .. by Shirley . Alexander.


I want to thank the BOHO Academy...especially our fearless and intrepid leader Leslie Kail Villarreal, who never seems to sleep and was always there to answer my questions even when they'd been asked before; for providing excellent guidance and tutelage as well as comic relief when it was needed; and for her never failing belief in her students! I also wish to thank the ladies (and men?) of the BOHO community for their amazing comaraderie and support! ....there goes the music, they're kicking me off the stage...Thank you!!! ...by Synthia Marsh


Thanks to Leslie Kail Villarreal who is a great teacher - she inspires and pushes you to do what you thought you could not!... by Yvonne Estrada

Hi Leslie,

I just wanted to say, Thank You for a great class! I have had to watch it sporadically but finally finished tonight and I loved it! Have to say, hopefully without sounding like a stalker, that you have been one of my favorite youtube jewelry experts and I was so excited to be able to take your class. Your instructions are easy to follow and your style and attention to detail are amazing! I will post a picture of my finished product, well - when I actually get to make that happen! Hopefully someday I can take a class in person since I don’t live too far from you.   by Katie Nyborg